Simple, communicative, original

At Mammut we develop interactive technological products based on a simple idea: conversation. Because the future of technology lies in communication.  

You get a message that reminds you of your next appointment with the doctor. You receive technical support without getting out of the products catalogue you are checking. You share a research report with your colleagues in a virtual congress.

Mammut’s communicational technology makes your life easier.

Allow us to make your own chatbot, a Mammut that defines your business and assists your clients as if it were you.


Efficiency based on micro-experiences integrated into the chat itself, allowing users to solve their needs with easy clicks. This is faster than writing a text message.


Naturalness given by the possibility of using text messages and conversations in English through different chat apps.


Immediateness provided by Mammut's capacity for real-time assistance.


Mammut is always available for your users because it works 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


Users can not only begin a conversation whenever they want, but they can also stop it and then go back to it when they wish. Mammut will be there without problems, ready to keep assisting them.