bDOCTOR what the DOC wants the patient to know.

A medical assistant to educate patients via their most consistent tool… their smartphone.

Why do we need extra patient education?

Because inefficiency costs the U.S. health-care system more than $150 billion a year.

When patients don’t understand instructions, they are unprepared and hospitals are inefficient. Lack of information causes issues like same day surgery cancellations, ER visits, readmission, surgical site infections, among others. 

  1. Loss of Hospital Revenue: due to day of surgery cancellations. This brings consequences such as wasted resources like idle workers already paid.
  2. Readmissions, ER visits, surgical infections: no additional reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid due to bundled payments.
  3. Loss of Hospital Billing Revenue.
  4. Long wait list for patients.
  5. Unhappiness in everyone (patients, hospitals, staff, and physicians) because everyone’s time is wasted
  • BUT Patients ARE interested . The 80% of internet users (93 million Americans) have looked up health-issues online.
  • The problem: even though there is an interest, ineffective communication between doctor and patient becomes a problem.

Why bDoctor?

More Effective Communication

Patient Convenient & Patient Centered Education


Simple Phrases


short videos, text


English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Deaf/Hard of Hearing

How does it work now?

How will it work tomorrow?

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