Build your Chatbot with:

Multiple languages

bVoter can be trained in English and Spanish, so users can communicate with it in both languages, making the election processes more inclusive.

Multiple channels

Voters can access bVoter through WhatsApp, SMS, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and a chat on your website, depending on what best suits them.

Awareness of interaction on web pages

You can set the capacity of bVoter to interpret users’ behaviors on the website. For instance, if a user visits the volunteers section of the page, the chatbot could offer help or give information about the requirements to work as a volunteer.

Real-time data support

bVoter can offer information that is changing in real time to keep voters, political and non-governmental actors always updated about important electoral matters.

Chatbot supervisor

You can have human chatbot supervisors to assist users in case there is any unknown or uncertain need for bVoter. This way you can make sure every inconvenient or doubt is solved.

Video analytics

bVoter can collect data from users’ interaction with videos, played in our video player, to make statistics that can show you what are user’s favorite or least viewed videos. This way you will know what kind of resources work best for them.


bVoter can use the data provided by users for third party system integration. This allows performing complex tasks such as sending an email or a notifications to another software. This feature will be useful in cases where there is any problem with the user’s requirements. bVoter can send an email with the user’s information to the corresponding authorities so they can solve it.  


We use graphical user interfaces that can be accessed directly from the chat. These interfaces make users’ interactions with the bot more natural and comfortable allowing them to solve their needs with easy clicks.

Automatic e-forms filling

bVoter can help voters, political actors and volunteers to automatically fill in the e-forms by taking the information they provide directly from the chat.

Knowledge privacy​

bVoter can be programmed to restrict access to data. This makes it possible for our clients to determine what type of information can be accessed by the chatbot users.​

Image recognition

bVoter can be trained with Artificial Intelligence image recognition tools to recognize images of particular places inside the polling station. A simple picture of the voter’s location in the building can let the chatbot know where they are and tell them how to get to the facility they want to access.

Data security

Communicating with bVoter is secure. We use encryption mechanisms to protect users’ data.

Participating in electoral processes has never been easier, more inclusive and secure!

For more detailed information about bVoter and its uses in electoral processes, read our white paper.