Elections and bVoter

Elections are a fundamental event for the preservation of a nation’s democracy. In the US, they entail a complex process that demands a lot of effort and resources from the state. Assistance and access to reliable sources are needed to answer questions such as: when, where and how can I vote? What are people voting for? What are the requirements for candidates?

This kind of questions could be answered through manuals, videos, info graphics, or other alternatives; however current technological advances and needs demand to consider more versatile and innovative solutions.

bVoter offers a wide variety of solutions that can help solving some of the central issues presented in electoral processes. These issues are:


One of state`s biggest concerns regarding elections consists on keeping voters informed. In the US, website are one of the most popular choices to distribute electoral information, but they usually lack the appropriate tools to make information accessible for voters. So, how can bots help them save time and find customized information for their specific needs?


In the US, more than half of the states offer online voter's registration (OLVR) on their websites. However, the overall porcentaje of registered voters is still low, having a negative effect on voters turnout. This suggests that the current methods for OLVR are not effective or accessible enough. So, how can chatbot technology help OLVR reach more people and increase the number of registrations?


Regarding electoral technology, one of the main concerns is security. That is why all the technologies need to be examined to make sure they present true information and that their software is not vulnerable to hacks. Some questions that come to mind about uses of chatbots for electoral processes in terms of security are: is the system secure enough to prevent private or classified information from being accessed or modified by third parties? How can the risk of fraud, sabotage and the spreading of misinformation be eliminated?


Tornout rates in the US are low for international standards. That is why many initiatives have emerged all over the country in order to face this issue. However, it is necessary to consider how governmental organizations see these initiatives is there an actual comprehensive solution that allows institutions to officially implement this kind of technology in their own systems?

These questions are some of the topics discussed in our white paper on chatbots for electoral processes. Download our paper now to read more about bVoter.

For more detailed information about bVoter and its uses in electoral processes, read our white paper.