At Mammut, we know electoral processes may be complex and today’s needs demand an extra effort from technology.

Our main goal is to meet our clients’ requirements by focusing on what we consider key for electoral processes: voters, political and non-governmental actors. We aim to improve their overall experience and change the way people participate and engage in elections by offering innovative and accessible tools to satisfy their needs.

bVoter is a chatbot especially designed to meet the needs of everyone who is part of an election process by providing:

Updated Information

bVoter offers real-time updated information about election processes in your region or country.

Assitance for voters, Political and Non-Governmental actors

bVoter can answer questions, solve users´doubts and offer customer care before, during and after election processes 24/7 at their best convenience: SMS, WhatsApp, telegram, Facebook, Messenger, or a chat integrated into your website.

Attractive Interaction

bVoter facilitates the solution to specific needs of anyone involved in an election process. This is done by using micro experiences like pictures and buttons that make interacting with bVoter an enjoyable experience.

bVoter can assist not only voters, but also potential candidates, volunteers and anyone interested in learning about the elections. bVoter can provide information requested by its users -about dates, places and procedures- and guide them through different tasks, like filling out a registration e-form or locating voting centers.

For more detailed information about bVoter and its uses in electoral processes, read our white paper.