Features of our chatbots

We offer you two categories of functionalities for your chatbots

Training Functionalities

A corpus is a spreadsheet where  examples of possible conversations between a user and the chatbot are stored.

The natural corpus (or corpus N) is the most basic of our corpus types. It includes single questions that users might ask and their paraphrases. It also includes the answers your chatbot will give to the users.

It is a type of corpus that allows adding examples of conversations in which variables can be implemented. Variables are codes that take their meaning from the information provided to the chatbot’s knowledge. This makes the Mammut Corpus flexible and adaptable to the information of each institution.

It can be used to automatically build corpus from public data available on websites.

Our chatbots can be trained in English and Spanish, so users can communicate with them in both languages.

The knowledge delimits the thematic field of the chatbot, including input and output data that are required to train it. This knowledge is organized in an ontology, a database with semantic connections.

The behavior, knowledge and configuration of our chatbots can be done using Google Slides and Google Sheets.

The behavior, knowledge and configuration of our chatbots can be done using PowerPoint and Excel.

General Functionalities

Users can access our chatbots through WhatsApp, SMS, Slack, Facebook Messenger, or a chat on your website, depending on what best suits them.

Our chatbots can collect data from users’ interaction with videos, played in our video player, to make statistics that can show you what are user’s favorite or least viewed videos. This way you will know what kind of resources work best for them.

You can have human chatbot supervisors to assist users in case there is any unknown or uncertain need. This way you can make sure every inconvenient or doubt is solved.

Mammut chatbots can offer information that is changing in real time to keep users always updated about important matters.

You can send and receive images through our chatbots. We also offer image recognition as a feature of our bots.