Freshchat Integration

At Mammut we offer conversational interfaces that have practical and adaptable features for different types of enterprises. We combine the best of automation (Machine Learning) and personalized assistance in our chatbots monitored by human supervisors.

Let your clients interact with a Mammut chatbot though Freshchat to offer them reliable and up-to-date information about your business. Make the customer service experience enjoyable and natural. Make the customer service experience enjoyable and natural.


Our Machine Learning driven chatbots can communicate in an efficient way thanks to their training through Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods. Mammut chatbots are aware of the different topics in a conversation, managing the whole context of the interaction.

Management of issues

Thanks to our Freshchat integration, you can have human chatbot supervisors who will make sure that communication does not stop in case there is any unknown or uncertain issue for a mammut.


Ontology driven

The knowledge that mammut has, what it knows, is grounded on a graphic representation (ontology) that is reviewed by experts. This gives our chatbots a solid linguistic knowledge.

Data Privacy

Data shared through a mammut chatbot will not be treated in inappropriate or unethical ways.

Multiple languages

Mammuts can be trained in any language. Currently we offer pre-determined models for English and Spanish.​

Third party system integration.

With mammut chatbots it is possible to process data provided by users with third-party software. From consulting an API to using your own services (such as sending personalized e-newsletters from your company's servers).

Real-time Data Support

Our chatbots are always up to date. If your company's information changes, they will provide your customers with the latest data.

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